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Butchtastic Social Media Update

In case you weren’t aware of Butchtastic’s social media presence, here’s a run down: If you want to connect to me through Facebook, I have a personal blog page.  If you ‘Like’ my page, not only will I appreciate it, … Continue reading

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Fifth Blogaversary Celebration: First Twitter Profile Pic

This is the first picture I used on Twitter.. this is the one that caught Roxy‘s eye.. the profile picture that launched an amazing love affair… I had no idea when I took this picture what I was setting into … Continue reading

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Four Years Ago Tonight #WhenKyleMetRoxy

Yes, that’s right, four years ago on the night of November the 12th, @butchtastickyle tipped his hat to @sroxy for the first time.  This evening of flirtation started our love affair.  Back then, our twitter world felt cozy and familiar, … Continue reading

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Friday Twitter Smut

Welcome to Friday on Twitter and the Twitter Smut Theater Players.. starring Roxy and Kyle.. be sure to have some napkins handy… … sroxy: Mmmm…where’s my boy this morning? ButchtasticKyle:  Sir! right here sroxy: Good morning, love. Ready to play? … Continue reading

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soft voice, sharp knife

The other day, on twitter, I gave my darling girl a bit of the topping she so desperately needs:   Roxy:   Mmmm…baby, you’d look hot with a phaser. Grrrowrrrrr Roxy:   Set your phaser on stun, baby, make me … Continue reading

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Artfully Re-Rendered

Under the influence of Roxy, I’ve learned to be comfortable, even happy, with a camera lens pointed at me.  She’s taught me to look at myself and see what she sees — beauty, strength, humor, joy.   You’ve seen the … Continue reading

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gettin mushy on twitter…

Twitter is fun for keeping up with friends and events.  It’s a place to chat and play and flirt.  And for Roxy and I, a place to get downright mushy sometimes.. putting our followers in danger of diabetic comas and … Continue reading

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Tweet Geek Sex

Today in Twitterville, the geeky pervs were heard cooking up some trouble: me: right now I so desperately wish I could Apparate into @sroxy’s shower .. the things we do in IM need to be done in reality @sroxy: @ButchtasticKyle … Continue reading

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our not so secret courtship..

As many of you know, Roxy and I have been getting each other hot and bothered for a few months now.  What started on Twitter, with harmless flirting, has turned into something more serious.  We’d mostly managed to keep  it … Continue reading

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Butches in the AM .. on twitter-radio

The gang was all a-twitter this morning over the new, hot, happening show, Butches in the AM,  For a transcription of the show, visit Natt Nightly who has graciously offered to host it: Butches in the AM- Episode 1 (A TwitterCast)

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