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I watch him walk past for the umpteenth time, my eyes sliding along the top edge of the book I pretend to be reading.  The jeans he’s wearing frame the tight domes of his bubble butt perfectly and I find … Continue reading

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Micro Fantasy: Fighting Impulse

I have a beautiful boy.  He’s strong and sexy and enthusiastic in his service.  He is an absolute pulsating mass of eagerness when it’s time to play.  I love that about him, that he is so ready to throw himself … Continue reading

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Microfantasy: Waiting Our Turn

I’m lying in bed, alone, unable to sleep.  Hand between my legs, images and scenes flit through my mind.  I wait for something to settle in my minds eye, something I can work with.   My boy sits at my … Continue reading

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Her Passion

If you ever have the chance to watch someone — friend, family, lover — engaged in something they’re passionate about, don’t hesitate.  If you do, you’ll witness a transformation, like Superman in a phone booth, where this person you think … Continue reading

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Microfantasy Monday, week 61: Service

Every week a group of us bloggers looks to Ang, the Sweltering Celt, for our Microfantasy Monday prompt.  This week she gave us “Service“. – I didn’t expect to be in this position.  I guess in retrospect, I can see … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday : getting knotty

 For this week’s HNT, I feature my wrist knotted up in a Single Limb Cuff… or an approximation thereof.  It’s lacking in art, but it quite secure.   I learned this tie by watching the TwistedMonk video a few times.  The other tie I’m … Continue reading

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I received a book on knots recently and have been eager to get into it.  I’ve been fascinated by ropes, knots and binding since attending SEAF and watching Monk stage multiple scenes over the course of the evening.  It was … Continue reading

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Reviewing Clover Clamps from Babeland

When I saw Clover Clamps on the review list, I jumped at the chance to review them.  I have some adjustable nipple clamps, alligator style, but I had a hard time keeping them on my nipples.. and they weren’t nearly … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday : gimme some Leg

It is public knowledge (see this) that I am a leg man, a fan of the gam, a connoisseur of the leggy curve.  So I couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap a picture of my lover as she went through her … Continue reading

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Reviewing: the Soft Pack from Babeland

I have two packing cocks now, soft packs to be specific.  One is the medium, the second is a mini Soft Pack that I requested from Babeland to review. Packing is new to me and in the beginning I didn’t … Continue reading

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