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Steamy Shower Pic

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get top surgery, but transition has given me a lot that I am able to enjoy every day, like body hair, which grows with black castor oil for hair growth.  I had … Continue reading

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eLust #82, featuring Puppy Love…

Photo courtesy of Teachers Have Sex Welcome to Elust #82 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky … Continue reading

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Dirty Compersion

I was sitting on her couch, petting the kitten, when she got home today.  She was bubbling with excitement, effervescent with it, gleaming and shimmering.  There are exciting people and exciting new things happening.  She starts telling me about them, … Continue reading

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I belong to You

“Are you still at work?” I picked up my phone and thumbed out the answer. “Yep, still here until 5” Not long after, another message popped up. “I’m here, side door.” I met her there, held the door open as … Continue reading

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Art isn’t Always Comfortable

A comment by OregonGirl indicates she’s disturbed by the snippet of ‘Assignment 3’ I posted recently.  She cited the underage girl in the story, that the story was written for titillation, etc.  She pointed out that in my Daddy/girl stories … Continue reading

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Oh The Hornies…

I’m stuck at home being parental but what I really want to do is hook up with the hot cis-guy who’s been flirting with me and sending me dirty pictures.  And enjoying the pictures I’ve sent him. Damn, sometimes being … Continue reading

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sex with her is luscious like plush velvet and heavy cream intoxicating and heady rich and sweet bubbling up from my belly into giggles and long satisfied sighs   sex with her is curves on curves her thighs wrapped around … Continue reading

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Dirty December …. Day 1 : Under Her Direction

I’d gone out to my truck as instructed and was sitting, awaiting her call.  My body had gotten ahead of itself and was wet in anticipation.  I didn’t know what she was going to have me do, but I guessed … Continue reading

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Such a Good Girl….

[disclaimer:  this story is about consenting adults and role-play, trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse] She’s sitting quietly in the chair, hands folded in her lap, eyes down.  I can tell from where I stand that her … Continue reading

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Naughty Bits Writing Prompt… Questions for Writers who Write About Sex

A friend posted this article, Let’s Read About Sex, to my Facebook page and suggested that I consider answering the same questions in a blog post. Several writers were asked these questions: Why is writing about sex so difficult? What … Continue reading

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