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Living up to Our Words

I read this at Olympia’s Equality March for Unity and Pride today: This is the Equality March for Unity and Pride Pride … Unity…. Equality…. Powerful words, powerful enough to bring us together today. But what do they mean? I’ve … Continue reading

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Unpacking Privilege: Some Things I’ve Learned as a Trans Man

You’ve probably heard the term ‘privilege’ used to describe an advantage some people have over others.  I actually prefer the word ‘advantage’ because I think it accurately describes the impact of privilege, which is generally what we are looking at … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: Hate Not Welcome in My ‘Hood!

There is a butt load of stuff going on this week, it’s one of the busiest in a while.  One big thing happening is that the Westboro Baptist Church (sic) is coming to Olympia to get all up in our … Continue reading

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