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Date Not Derailed by Bad Shrimp

I started feeling iffy on the way to her house.  Switchy Witchy Woman and I had a date this weekend, and not just a ‘going out for drinks’ kind of date, this was to be my first sleepover in her … Continue reading

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About My Lover…

I need to tell you about my lover.  There’s a lot to say, multiple blog posts worth for sure.  I’ll start with this:  I have never loved someone in such a clear-headed way before. I’ve talked about being addicted to … Continue reading

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The Way She Sees Me

My new love, the one who seems most able to make love stay in a way that makes my heart sing and thump and shake it’s rump… she sees me.  This morning I sent her a picture of my morning … Continue reading

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Like a Clear Blue Sky

About a month ago, one of my poems was published in the Elephant Journal… I want my love to be like a clear blue sky with perfect conditions for flying I want my life to be an excellent launch pad … Continue reading

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Keep the Receipts

It’s easy to focus on the big events in the life of a relationship – the shows, the trips out of town, the parties and dates in fancy restaurants.  Those are the places you took selfies with her and checked … Continue reading

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Yes, My Love, It Was Beautiful

She asked me, in a voice full of tears, “It was beautiful, wasn’t it?” We were both crying into our phones, our hearts breaking as it sank in.  She’d just told me that she’d decided to pursue monogamy with someone … Continue reading

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full and floating on her love

I had to leave San Francisco last night.  Had to leave my lover, Roxy, and the wonderful weekend we had.  I don’t want to dwell on the sadness of leaving, but I feel it, certainly. Instead I want to take … Continue reading

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