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What are You Unpacking Today?

I initiated a conversation elsewhere on privilege with the prompt “What privilege are you unpacking today?” … One person responded, perhaps out of discomfort or lack of understanding – “Love wins. That is all” To which I responded, “Love needs … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Masculine Privilege

I’m writing this post because of a recent question from the Oregon Girl about my thoughts on masculine privilege in female identified masculine-of-center people and how I had seen it manifest. I am going to answer based on my experience, … Continue reading

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My Kind of Feminism

The Oregon Girl asked this question: Feminism, what does it mean to you? Do you consider yourself a feminist? If not, why not? … this was my response: Feminism to me is a philosophy and life approach that sees all people … Continue reading

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to be one of the guys

I briefly saw an advertisement for one of those ultimate fighting matches on TV today.  Just a flash of naked male torsos, heavy muscles and swagger.  I was left with an after taste of envy.  There is a part of … Continue reading

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