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A Bit Less Glitter in My Life

I’m writing this before I know if I’ll post it or not.  I’m writing it because I’m used to writing about All. The. Things.  I’m writing because it helps me to get things out of my head.  Especially hard things. … Continue reading

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What I’m Up To… January Edition

We are about midway through January and I haven’t given you all an update in a while, so here goes. Dating Ruby…  is awesome.  We’ve got our next outing planned, in Portland.  We’ll be going the Queer Honky Tonk and … Continue reading

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sex with her is luscious like plush velvet and heavy cream intoxicating and heady rich and sweet bubbling up from my belly into giggles and long satisfied sighs   sex with her is curves on curves her thighs wrapped around … Continue reading

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Wishing I Was Better At This

Maybe it’s the hormones, maybe I’m mentally exhausted from NaNoWriMo month and stress at work.  Maybe it’s because I don’t get to see  my girlfriend until after the holidays and that makes it harder to feel generous about the time … Continue reading

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End of October Update

Tons going on lately… are you ready? Date Number 2 with Ruby!  We’ve been heating things up over the interwebs and she’s now promising to pounce on me this Saturday.  YES!  We’re going to have dinner and drinks at various … Continue reading

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Healing Conversation

My wife and I had a conversation the other night, a ground-breaking, amazing conversation.  I ended up staying up late, which I paid for the next day in mindless exhaustion, but I’m glad we did it.  It started with her … Continue reading

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Ask Kyle Anything… Answers (hopefully) to Jenna’s Questions

Jenna asks: A while ago invited your blog readers to ask you anything. So I’m asking. How do you define “in love” and do you think it is possible to maintain an “in love” state with the same person for … Continue reading

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Protected: Hidden In Plain Sight

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Cleaning Out My Pockets

Before I head out of town and out of internet range for the weekend, I should empty my pockets and do a few updates. Illness Update:  I’m finally well again.  I got a flu virus right after I got my … Continue reading

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I’m Having a Non-Consensual Monday

Monday came to my door early this morning, even though I didn’t want it.  The delivery person held out a clipboard and told me I had to sign for it but I hesitated, reached out and then withdrew my hand. … Continue reading

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