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Learning to Say ‘No’

I have once again come to a place where I realize that I’m trying to do too much.  I’m over committing myself in excess of my resources of time and energy.  I’m fucking exhausted many days, mostly work days.  I’m … Continue reading

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Last Kiss

What is it about last kisses? Is it better to know what they are when they happen? Or to not know at the time? What do you think? The two times I’ve known I was having last kisses with someone … Continue reading

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Yes, My Love, It Was Beautiful

She asked me, in a voice full of tears, “It was beautiful, wasn’t it?” We were both crying into our phones, our hearts breaking as it sank in.  She’d just told me that she’d decided to pursue monogamy with someone … Continue reading

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And then sometimes…

Sometimes what you fear becomes reality and no amount of affirmations can cure that wound.  Knowing is definitely better than not knowing.  Feeling numb is better than feeling anything, at least for a while. I guess I should write some … Continue reading

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Affirmations, Holding My Center

These are the affirmations I’m using to help me navigate rough emotional waters: I will hold my center by not giving into the negative thoughts and patterns that attempt to control me. I will hold positive, loving thoughts rather than … Continue reading

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What Does Poly Mean To Me

It seems that I’ve answered this question numerous times over the years but the answer keeps evolving.  So when Oregon Girl asked me this morning, I realized that I did have something slightly new to say about it. It used … Continue reading

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A Bit Less Glitter in My Life

I’m writing this before I know if I’ll post it or not.  I’m writing it because I’m used to writing about All. The. Things.  I’m writing because it helps me to get things out of my head.  Especially hard things. … Continue reading

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Wishing I Was Better At This

Maybe it’s the hormones, maybe I’m mentally exhausted from NaNoWriMo month and stress at work.  Maybe it’s because I don’t get to see  my girlfriend until after the holidays and that makes it harder to feel generous about the time … Continue reading

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End of October Update

Tons going on lately… are you ready? Date Number 2 with Ruby!  We’ve been heating things up over the interwebs and she’s now promising to pounce on me this Saturday.  YES!  We’re going to have dinner and drinks at various … Continue reading

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Where I am Today

I don’t know why I thought it would be easy to dive deep with therapy.  I guess my internal shielding mechanisms have been functioning so well that I had no idea how much crap I had to work on.  Turns … Continue reading

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