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Microfantasy Monday, week 72: the edge

Ang, the Sweltering Celt, has given us our weekly Microfantasy Monday prompt, The Edge, and this is what I was inspired to write.. enjoy — There’s something fascinating about the edges of things.  The margin where forest meets meadow, that … Continue reading

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moment suspended

this started out as a sort of poem written in a moment when I was missing Roxy and imagining being with her.  When she read it, she had what she called a ‘poetic dialog’ with this piece, included below in … Continue reading

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simple pleasures

I enjoy some simple pleasures a quiet morning with coffee and the newspaper putting on a soft t-shirt listening to Jack Johnson’s warm beat while working in the cold working up a sweat the satisfaction of a job well done … Continue reading

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A Love Note to Her Legs

goddamn, I love your legs their strength, carrying you through your day their shape, turning me on at a glance the feel, silky softness under my fingertips the seduction, your leg rubbing against mine the invitation, your legs opening for … Continue reading

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swim with me

we were swimming in clear warm waters playing, laughing innocent clarity in our love we explored colorful reefs and sandy bottoms excited, joyful there seemed no limit to what we could do . we came into a place of strong … Continue reading

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on my wrist, this simple loop a symbol, a bond, a promise a gift to her, freely given my love, my power, my warrior’s heart defiance in my eyes sparks flames in hers this power, this heat, mine, hers, ours she … Continue reading

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she knows me, too

I stand, jangling, disparate parts sometimes smoothly fitting and harmonious, sometimes a discordant mass of confused motives and traitorous impulses. She sees me struggle to live up to my ideals, not give in to my selfish, petty wants and she … Continue reading

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