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Poem for a Lonely Night

I was lonely a thunderstorm stopped by to keep me company throwing jagged light and angry words when I could not voice them cold rain falling through warm air shadows all around but no one to throw them

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in a dream

In a dream You and I Walking along the surf line Smiling You reached out your hand I reached for you Fingertips The tide carried you away

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Bright Moments

I want to collect all the bright moments like beads on a string so I can pull them out of my pocket and revisit them one by one when everything else is dark

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The Contender

You’re gonna wish you were there in the beginning gonna wish you could say I saw it coming You’re gonna feel the rush hold on tight wish you had a better grip on the story the whole story the beginning … Continue reading

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this moment

this moment she lifts her eyes suddenly to meet mine eyebrows brought together in a question astonishment shock disbelief how? she asks without words how do I know? that place that touch that timing I just do I just know … Continue reading

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Catching up: Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Recently a reader asked:  Kyle, how did the Seattle festival go? Did you get to read your work? Yes, I did get to read three pieces of my work.  I read Asphalt (which was featured in the Festival and Anthology … Continue reading

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Song of Passion

Teeth close on silken nape Smell of your heat Uncoiling in shudders Passion soaks my tongue Our song unfolds Winding together Rising like a prayer      

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It’s been three years…

Roxy and I are celebrating the third anniversary of the night we met, on twitter, in a delirious flurry of flirting.. there was a group of us flirting, teasing, testing and sparring.  She was new  to my twitter stream, and came to … Continue reading

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fistful of tequila

Fistful of tequila  Self-confidence wadded up in my pocket Steady my wits Steady my nerves Screw up my courage  Square my shoulders Look life straight in the eye Ok you motherfucker Bring it  

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Beautiful Poem: How To Make Love to a Trans Person

How to Make Love to a Trans Person Forget the images you’ve learned to attach To words like cock and clit, Chest and breasts. Break those words open Like a paramedic cracking ribs To pump blood through a failing heart. … Continue reading

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