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During my yoga practice this morning, we were thinking and meditating on how we spend our time and what ‘habits of frequency’ we engaged in as a part of our self-care and as a part of our involvement with those … Continue reading

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Stories from the Queer Side…

From offbeatfamilies, a story about a Lesbian Dad… Since our son Leo was born, my partner JB has chosen to go by “Dad” rather than some variation of mother. I won’t go into too much detail about her gender identity … Continue reading

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End of October Update

Tons going on lately… are you ready? Date Number 2 with Ruby!  We’ve been heating things up over the interwebs and she’s now promising to pounce on me this Saturday.  YES!  We’re going to have dinner and drinks at various … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report, early July

I haven’t written a Suburban Butch Dad Report in a while, and some of you may be wondering what the heck is going on with my family. The Elder Spawn is a full of teen-aged angst and drama, turning 14 … Continue reading

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What’s Kyle Doing?

What am I up to, you ask?  There’s always plenty going on, here are a few of the items that are getting my attention and time lately: Writing up session proposals for Gender Odyssey.  One is called Wanted: Your Stories, … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: ElderSpawn Keeps Her Options Open

I had a very quick conversation with my ElderSpawn a couple of mornings ago about some rumors going around about her.  This is the first I’d heard and I wanted to dig deeper into it, but she was literally on … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: Passing on the Family Business of Speaking Up For Yourself

I would like to share a Proud Parenting Moment concerning my Elder Spawn.  Tonight she stood up for her beliefs and for what she wanted, in the face of opposition by some privileged, spoiled popular girls on her soccer team. … Continue reading

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The fascinating life of a sex blogger…

Did I suck you in with that?  Were you hoping for lurid tales of public sex and parties with fancy people?  Or maybe hours-long intimate sessions with my vast collection of sex toys?  Or.. or… yeah, no.  It did kinda … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: why are some things girl’s and some things boy’s?

Every school morning, my elder daughter and I are up together in the pre-dawn gray eating breakfast, making lunches and gearing up for the day.  She’s in middle school now, so she has one less hour to hang out in … Continue reading

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Check these out…

Here are some posts that caught my eye, and may interest you as well: Do you use Boy words or Girl words?  Some real life examples of how kids tend to be much more flexible about gender than adults. An … Continue reading

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