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Ask Kyle Anything: Answers to Your Questions, Part 1

Ask Kyle… Anything I’ve accumulated a few questions, so here are a couple of answers.  I’m hoping this will inspire more questions.  And, yes, you can answer more than one. CoyoteToo asks:  “If you think someone is interesting, what kinds … Continue reading

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Something We Don’t Talk About Much: Scuzzy Cock

There’s something I don’t see talked about much, probably because other people have better sense than I do.  The topic of discussion is grungy old cocks. Sometimes the cure to grungy cock syndrome is to drop it in a pot … Continue reading

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Awesome Friday: Roxy visit and packing

Yes, it is Awesome Friday.. ‘Good’ just doesn’t come close to describing how I feel about today.  That hot Californicator will soon be on a plane, flying up to visit me.  Fly safe, baby, I want you whole and healthy … Continue reading

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Halloween fun

                 When Jazzy and I went out on Halloween this year, it was an almost last minute decision.  Friday is our normal date night, so a night of snuggling and hot sex would normally have been on our … Continue reading

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Work Boots

I’m sitting at the bar, facing out, nursing my beer. My heels are hooked below me on the stool, my knees apart. One knee is bouncing slightly, in time with the music and in anticipation of your arrival. As I … Continue reading

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