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Yes, My Love, It Was Beautiful

She asked me, in a voice full of tears, “It was beautiful, wasn’t it?” We were both crying into our phones, our hearts breaking as it sank in.  She’d just told me that she’d decided to pursue monogamy with someone … Continue reading

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And then sometimes…

Sometimes what you fear becomes reality and no amount of affirmations can cure that wound.  Knowing is definitely better than not knowing.  Feeling numb is better than feeling anything, at least for a while. I guess I should write some … Continue reading

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More Powerful Without My Armor

She came into my life like a lightening bolt from a clear sky. Special, unique, rare. That’s what Oregon Girl is for me. Within the love we are making, I feel more vulnerable and open all the time.  She shows … Continue reading

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I Need You

I need you like water fresh clean filling me washing over me hold me up and cleanse me baptize me in your love . I need you like air clear fresh filling my lungs caressing my skin cool me down … Continue reading

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Swimming in the Deep End

My girlfriend, Oregon Girl, has a blog called Swimming in the Deep End. She’s smart and clever and writes insightful posts and sexy posts and poetry like this: real love tastes like freedom uncaged and limitless smells like petrichor earthy … Continue reading

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How I Make Love

I make love to her with my hands my lips, my tongue, my thighs my teeth and my cock I make love to her when I kiss her softly or more urgently I make love to her when I hold … Continue reading

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What Does Poly Mean To Me

It seems that I’ve answered this question numerous times over the years but the answer keeps evolving.  So when Oregon Girl asked me this morning, I realized that I did have something slightly new to say about it. It used … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Masculine Privilege

I’m writing this post because of a recent question from the Oregon Girl about my thoughts on masculine privilege in female identified masculine-of-center people and how I had seen it manifest. I am going to answer based on my experience, … Continue reading

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My Kind of Feminism

The Oregon Girl asked this question: Feminism, what does it mean to you? Do you consider yourself a feminist? If not, why not? … this was my response: Feminism to me is a philosophy and life approach that sees all people … Continue reading

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During my yoga practice this morning, we were thinking and meditating on how we spend our time and what ‘habits of frequency’ we engaged in as a part of our self-care and as a part of our involvement with those … Continue reading

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