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Briefly About this Weekend

This weekend was amazing and I want to come back and tell you more about it and write stories and everything… Switchy Witchy Woman hosted a dinner party on Saturday night, inviting myself as co-host and two guests, NeighborFemme and … Continue reading

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Black Hankie: You Earned It

My Dearest Lover, You are amazing, do you know that? I am still in awe of the nasty beating you took from NeighborFemme and me at BSQ earlier this month. And you thought you might not perform well enough to … Continue reading

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Got Some Needs? Give Miss Bee a Call

Have you ever solicited the services of a phone sex operator?  Ever wanted to?  Here’s your chance… it’s not cheap, but then, the good things never are.  Meet Miss Bee aka Neighbor Femme: Well hello there Butchtastic readers! I’m Miss … Continue reading

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Trans*date 01.07.2015: Noticeable

{left a voice message inviting Neighbor Femme to a pie date, we haven’t seen each other in a few months} {she texted back} Omg, your voice! {me} Did you have to do a double-take? {she} I didn’t believe it was … Continue reading

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I’m Having a Non-Consensual Monday

Monday came to my door early this morning, even though I didn’t want it.  The delivery person held out a clipboard and told me I had to sign for it but I hesitated, reached out and then withdrew my hand. … Continue reading

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Last Night at Crowbar: A Painful and Necessary Bout of Therapy

As I rolled over to catch a few more moments of sleep this morning, my body greeted me with a chorus of pain.  After hearing from the unnumbered welts, scratches and bruises liberally distributed across my body, memories of the … Continue reading

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Micro Fantasy: What’s the Femme Cooking Up Now?

The Femme picks up her big wooden spoon and stirs the bubbling, steaming contents of her soup kettle.  Taking an experimental sniff, she knows the base of her special stew is ready.  Now for the interesting ingredients, the magical stuff … Continue reading

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BSQ: a fun night of community, hot scenes, hot dogs and ass-kickings

A couple of Saturday’s ago, Neighbor Femme and I drove up to Seattle to spend some time together and go to the Blood, Sweat and Queers play party at the Seattle Center for Sex Positive Culture (formerly the Wet Spot). … Continue reading

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She looked at the neatly folded red hankie my back pocket and said,”You flagging, butch?” I chuckled and winked, then put on my innocent face, “I have allergies, you know.” “Do you always bottom to your allergies?” “Sadly, yes, especially … Continue reading

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Catharsis, or Being Reduced to a Puddle of Tears During a Scene

ca·thar·sis/kəˈTHärsis/ Noun:  1. the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. Neighbor Femme and I had our first public play scene last weekend, at the Crowbar play party in Seattle.  We’d been talking and negotiating … Continue reading

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