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Cleaning Out My Pockets

Before I head out of town and out of internet range for the weekend, I should empty my pockets and do a few updates. Illness Update:  I’m finally well again.  I got a flu virus right after I got my … Continue reading

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The Difficulty of Communicating Me

A conversation with my wife this morning, one in a series on gender identity and the binary, pointed a bright spotlight on an area of my personal identity journey my wife has serious issues with:  my male identity. OK, it’s … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: Passing on the Family Business of Speaking Up For Yourself

I would like to share a Proud Parenting Moment concerning my Elder Spawn.  Tonight she stood up for her beliefs and for what she wanted, in the face of opposition by some privileged, spoiled popular girls on her soccer team. … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: a groom to be?

If you’re tracking queer related news in the US, you probably noticed that Washington State took a big step toward legalizing queer marriages the other day.  Elder Spawn and I went to the capitol to be on hand for part … Continue reading

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The fascinating life of a sex blogger…

Did I suck you in with that?  Were you hoping for lurid tales of public sex and parties with fancy people?  Or maybe hours-long intimate sessions with my vast collection of sex toys?  Or.. or… yeah, no.  It did kinda … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: Bachelor Time

[ed note:  wrote this on Wednesday, but obviously didn’t get it posted right away… so thar be updates amongst it] This evening I’ll drive my family up to the airport, help them get into the security and kiss them goodbye. … Continue reading

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Appreciating life

Today is my birthday and I’m feeling really grateful and happy, even though things aren’t going completely as planned today.  The wee Bun is still running a temp and so we won’t be going out to eat at one of … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: closing out 2010

As the last week of 2010 meanders along, I’m busy with holiday related activities, my family and fulfilling my personal goals.  We had a pretty good Christmas with a holiday party on the Eve, then family brunch at our house … Continue reading

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my wife and I

I received this comment on a post I did a few days ago.  In that post I talked about event drop, and how I was dealing with the double-dose I received recently.  Katie B didn’t really address my post, but … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: responding to gender ignorance/policing

I was standing on the sideline of my daughter’s soccer game this weekend when a prime teaching opportunity presented itself.  The topic was gender nonconformity, the potential student was another parent, someone I consider a good friend. I was presented … Continue reading

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