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Kissing Freckles

She was draped along my left side, our bodies damp from repeated attempts to defy gravity.  She lifted her head off my arm to kiss it along the bicep crease. I made as if to move but she said “no, … Continue reading

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Micro Fantasy: Fighting Impulse

I have a beautiful boy.  He’s strong and sexy and enthusiastic in his service.  He is an absolute pulsating mass of eagerness when it’s time to play.  I love that about him, that he is so ready to throw himself … Continue reading

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Micro Fantasy: What’s the Femme Cooking Up Now?

The Femme picks up her big wooden spoon and stirs the bubbling, steaming contents of her soup kettle.  Taking an experimental sniff, she knows the base of her special stew is ready.  Now for the interesting ingredients, the magical stuff … Continue reading

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