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Fucking Awesome

You know who’s fucking awesome?  Red is. Red is a muse extraordinaire. Red is sexy as fuck. Red is solid and strong and Rawwrrrr! Red is a wicked sadist with a dollar store bag of nasty tricks. Red is a … Continue reading

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Like a Clear Blue Sky

About a month ago, one of my poems was published in the Elephant Journal… I want my love to be like a clear blue sky with perfect conditions for flying I want my life to be an excellent launch pad … Continue reading

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How I Make Love

I make love to her with my hands my lips, my tongue, my thighs my teeth and my cock I make love to her when I kiss her softly or more urgently I make love to her when I hold … Continue reading

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A Bit Less Glitter in My Life

I’m writing this before I know if I’ll post it or not.  I’m writing it because I’m used to writing about All. The. Things.  I’m writing because it helps me to get things out of my head.  Especially hard things. … Continue reading

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My Idealistic Heart

Taking a walk today, in the cloudy sunshine, I felt the familiar pangs of grief starting up again and I looked onward to see who was raising the issue this time.  This is what I’ve been learning to do, to … Continue reading

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Ask Kyle Anything… Answers (hopefully) to Jenna’s Questions

Jenna asks: A while ago invited your blog readers to ask you anything. So I’m asking. How do you define “in love” and do you think it is possible to maintain an “in love” state with the same person for … Continue reading

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Note to self…

… when your lover is having a hard time, and sharing with you, and it’s difficult and challenging for her to share, remember:  It’s not about you, don’t make it about you, step back and open up and be there … Continue reading

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It’s been three years…

Roxy and I are celebrating the third anniversary of the night we met, on twitter, in a delirious flurry of flirting.. there was a group of us flirting, teasing, testing and sparring.  She was new  to my twitter stream, and came to … Continue reading

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thank yous

Sometimes she blows me away, surprises me, ambushes me with love and praise and knocks the wind out of me… like this from last night: Her: … there’s so much I want to say Thank you for coming down here … Continue reading

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A New Years Eve to Remember

I had a hot date on New Years Eve last week, with my sweet Jaz.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  My family was still in Florida, so the traditional night of games with friends was out and I figured I’d … Continue reading

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