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Six Months

The thirteenth of each month, SWW and I add a notch in our relationship belt.  One month, two, three, four months… it’s now been six. This love affair started while I was still sifting through the ashes of heartbreak.  Not … Continue reading

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#NaNoWriMo2014, Day 18: On Love and Losing Control

[From my day 18 writing, not sure if this is for the novel or not, but this came out as I pondered break ups happening to people in my life and my own experiences of breaking up]   When you … Continue reading

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More Powerful Without My Armor

She came into my life like a lightening bolt from a clear sky. Special, unique, rare. That’s what Oregon Girl is for me. Within the love we are making, I feel more vulnerable and open all the time.  She shows … Continue reading

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My Knight Fantasy

I posted a fantasy yesterday about a knight patiently waiting for a chance to serve his sovereign.  It is at once how I feel in my heart of hearts and also not truthful accounting of reality. The truth is, I’m … Continue reading

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