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Last Kiss

What is it about last kisses? Is it better to know what they are when they happen? Or to not know at the time? What do you think? The two times I’ve known I was having last kisses with someone … Continue reading

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Yes, My Love, It Was Beautiful

She asked me, in a voice full of tears, “It was beautiful, wasn’t it?” We were both crying into our phones, our hearts breaking as it sank in.  She’d just told me that she’d decided to pursue monogamy with someone … Continue reading

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Two Poems, Unfinished

untitled, unfinished sometimes it hits me just like that like breath caught in my throat like one last step I don’t see so it catches me by surprise brings me to my knees those hours, those moments each of them … Continue reading

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Into her arms

Later today, I’ll board a jet and head south to the Bay Area.  I’ll arrive late, but she’ll be there.  My lover.  My partner.  My best friend and hand-fasted mate.  She’ll be there with a smile and kisses and wonderfully … Continue reading

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