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Wringing Out the Sponge

I told Red I felt like a sponge that has absorbed too much and can’t hold anything more.  I used this analogy to describe my feeling of being incapable of taking on anything more. feeling generally raw  some days I … Continue reading

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Fucking Anxiety

I’m a tense ball of unexpected over-reactions.  Triggered by innocuous statements and requests, my body goes from normal to super-heated and covered in sweat. I don’t smell right when that happens.  I don’t feel right. I’m tired of the fight-or-flight … Continue reading

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Mean People Suck

I haven’t forgotten about my blog or you wonderful readers.  I’m in the midst of some very challenging times with regard to my employment.  I am hoping to get back to regular posting soon.

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Yeah, yeah, I need to do that…

I need to catch you all up on a lot of stuff about love and life and sex and romance and volunteer work and parenting and yoga and meditation and therapy and how my life finally feels like it’s not … Continue reading

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howdy y’all

I miss you guys, my readers.  I also miss words, writing them, savoring them in my mind before rattling them out through my keyboard.  I’ve been busy, that’s nothing new, but lately it’s been .. just hard.  I seriously concentrate … Continue reading

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thank you, universe

I got a job offer yesterday and I’m going to accept it.  I start on August 15th with another local consulting company.  The guy who co-owns it is a friend and was very eager to get me into their stable, … Continue reading

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Stress points

My life is not a calm pool in a cool forest by any means.  Most of the time my life is a cross-roads of multiple surging currents threatening to take my feet out from under me.  I’m usually pretty good … Continue reading

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The Fear of Being Important to Someone

The other night, I said something that I didn’t fully understand at the time.  Do you ever do that?  Have the words come out before you really know what you’re saying, or why?  I was responding to something said to … Continue reading

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