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Ask Kyle Anything… Answers (hopefully) to Jenna’s Questions

Jenna asks: A while ago invited your blog readers to ask you anything. So I’m asking. How do you define “in love” and do you think it is possible to maintain an “in love” state with the same person for … Continue reading

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My place in her home…

My sweet love, Roxy, posted a picture to her blog of the anniversary gift she prepared for me, and I’m just gonna tell ya’ll to check it out.  I love how she finds so many ways, big and small, to demonstrate … Continue reading

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The season for anniversaries

From September and into the new year, there is a list of special dates to celebrate: September 7th: my wife and I celebrated our 18th anniversary  October 6th:  Butchtastic is 3 years old October 14th:  4 years of polyamory November … Continue reading

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