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Fifth Blogaversary Celebration: First Twitter Profile Pic

This is the first picture I used on Twitter.. this is the one that caught Roxy‘s eye.. the profile picture that launched an amazing love affair… I had no idea when I took this picture what I was setting into … Continue reading

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Letting Go, Stopping the Endless Loop of Loss

I’ve been struggling in the space between holding on and letting go. Not wanting to let go of what I used to have and also knowing I have to, that if I continue to hang on to this heavy grief … Continue reading

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No regrets…. well, maybe a couple

I try to live my life in such a way that I won’t be confronted by a long list of regrets in my last moments.  Nonetheless, I have plenty and can only hope to outnumber them with an even longer … Continue reading

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Fan Letter

I read one of your stories last night, one of the ones that made it into a book.  One you wrote about me, about us together.  I read it with a vibrator between my legs, I was already needy and … Continue reading

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Four Years Ago Tonight #WhenKyleMetRoxy

Yes, that’s right, four years ago on the night of November the 12th, @butchtastickyle tipped his hat to @sroxy for the first time.  This evening of flirtation started our love affair.  Back then, our twitter world felt cozy and familiar, … Continue reading

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Sit Down, Kids, We Need To Talk…

(Kyle) Hello, wonderful readers.  A lot of you have been following both this blog and Roxy’s for years now and you’ve given us a lot of love and support.  You’ve become part of our extended family, and as such, it’s … Continue reading

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