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A partial goodbye

Ok, I’ve been holding out on you all for a couple of months now.   A fairly major event happened in March and I’ve almost blogged about it numerous times.  Jazmine and I broke up. Ok, some of you know about … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Feeldoe Fatboy

This is the Feeldoe Fatboy I got from Tabu Toys.  This sexy looking device is touted as being ‘made for a woman, by a woman’.  That said, it can be used by mixed gender couples as well. I have looked … Continue reading

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Love Bites…

I’ve got a bruise on my breast, a souvenir from Jaz, a reminder of the love bite she gave me not long ago.  It’s fading fast, but each time I see it, I remember not just the bite, but what … Continue reading

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Microfantasy Monday, week 16: Waterside

 This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme is ‘the waterside’, thanks, Ang! —  We’re sitting on a park bench just off the boardwalk, tucked into an alcove surrounded by a landscaped berm, the bushes and tall ornamental grasses mostly shielding us from … Continue reading

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Anticipation is great …

“anticipation is great, realization is awesome, separation sucks the hardest ever” I twittered that last night, and roxy agrees that sums things up pretty well.  I know some of you are eager to hear about our time together, and we’ll … Continue reading

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the trouble with honesty

Make new friends, but keep the old One is silver and the other gold I’ve run headlong into a situation a lot of other bloggers will recognize, mostly those who blog in a painfully honest way.  I have recently begun … Continue reading

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Microfantasy Monday, Week 10 : Hair

The theme this week is Hair, thank you again SwelteringCelt ————————- I have fairly short hair.  I like it this way, it’s easy to maintain, I can finger comb it after a bike ride or a run or a sweaty … Continue reading

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