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Now that I have Facial Hair, It’s Easier to Be Feminine

You might be looking at this post with a quizzical eye, maybe an eyebrow lift.  Or maybe you’ve been through all this and you’re nodding in recognition. It’s not something that happened right away, but as my appearance and voice … Continue reading

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Keep the Receipts

It’s easy to focus on the big events in the life of a relationship – the shows, the trips out of town, the parties and dates in fancy restaurants.  Those are the places you took selfies with her and checked … Continue reading

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Affirmations, Holding My Center

These are the affirmations I’m using to help me navigate rough emotional waters: I will hold my center by not giving into the negative thoughts and patterns that attempt to control me. I will hold positive, loving thoughts rather than … Continue reading

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Fear can do shitty things to your head.  Even though I know what a trickster fear is, I still keep letting it get the best of me.  Will I ever master it?  I don’t know.  I do know that it … Continue reading

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Today’s Goal

Old dogs can learn new tricks.

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#NaNoWriMo2014, Day 18: On Love and Losing Control

[From my day 18 writing, not sure if this is for the novel or not, but this came out as I pondered break ups happening to people in my life and my own experiences of breaking up]   When you … Continue reading

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the whole of me

The me that you see is not the whole of me I’m looking out through these eyes longing for a wider view longing to be viewed to be seen for all you are good, bad, misguided, enlightened, lifted and low … Continue reading

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Things I’m Not Good At

I’m not good at being shallow. I can do it, I can operate on the surface, skimming through conversations and interactions but I’m left cold, empty, unsatisfied, drained.  I can’t imagine the people on the other side of that equation … Continue reading

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Trans*date: 2014.07.13 … About Boobs

I’ve been searching for a while for a way to describe how I feel about my breasts.  For a while now, I’ve felt somewhat apologetic about my lack of hatred for them.  I’ve never hated them in the way that … Continue reading

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Trans*date 06.12.2014: Mine and Mine Alone

If I had a broken leg or a tumor, I’d go to a specialist and get a diagnosis and a course of action for treatment.  I wouldn’t have to research the injury or ailment and come up with a solution, … Continue reading

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