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Reading is Sexy

Read something. A book, a magazine, the back of the cereal box, the newspaper, that post your friends are all reposting, the blog  you’re so behind on, the erotic stories that turn you on, the childhood favorite you’ve already read … Continue reading

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Trans*date 07.11.2016: My New Name is Two Years Old

Two years ago on 7/11/2014, I rechristened myself with a new legal name.  A month before that, I’d started taking testosterone. At the urging of some friends, I’m going to share some of what I’ve learned about myself, about transition, … Continue reading

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Cracking Open

From my post to social media: June 17, 2016 Sometimes I think I’ll just crack wide open from the weight of it all. All of it. The well of pain and grief that swallowed me whole this weekend. It’s heavy … Continue reading

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Learning to Say ‘No’

I have once again come to a place where I realize that I’m trying to do too much.  I’m over committing myself in excess of my resources of time and energy.  I’m fucking exhausted many days, mostly work days.  I’m … Continue reading

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Sleep Issues

For about eight years now, I’ve been aware that I had an issue with sleeping.  I remember my girlfriend waking me up and being very alarmed. “You stopped breathing!” Oh, that’s what that is, I thought to myself.  I’d been … Continue reading

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I like turtles.  I have a collection of turtle figurines, small toys and artwork.  My daughters have contributed with original art and one plush turtle made in home-ec.  I used to say turtles were my totem animal, but now I … Continue reading

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It’s Easy To Second Guess

It’s easy to second guess decisions we’ve made and hindsight is twenty-twenty, or so they say.  I bring that up because today I was thinking, not for the first time, about how passionate and confident I am in my future … Continue reading

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Knowing Myself

I know myself best when life challenges me. I know myself deepest when love calls me to be generous and trusting, rather than gripping it tightly with both hands.

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There are Days…

There are days when I just want to retreat into myself, hit the pause button and step off the treadmill for a bit.  I want to sit and think without interruption, to sink into my own raw material and do … Continue reading

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Art isn’t Always Comfortable

A comment by OregonGirl indicates she’s disturbed by the snippet of ‘Assignment 3’ I posted recently.  She cited the underage girl in the story, that the story was written for titillation, etc.  She pointed out that in my Daddy/girl stories … Continue reading

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