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Happy Anniversary, Red

Red and I spent the weekend together celebrating our anniversary (12/13/14).  One year ago today, we had our first date/sleepover/declaration of love.  Did we move pretty fast?  I suppose so, though the results completely validate our actions.  A year later, … Continue reading

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Sexy Goodness: e[Lust] #75, including I Belong to You

Photo courtesy of Kilted Wookie Welcome to Elust #75 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions … Continue reading

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Now that I have Facial Hair, It’s Easier to Be Feminine

You might be looking at this post with a quizzical eye, maybe an eyebrow lift.  Or maybe you’ve been through all this and you’re nodding in recognition. It’s not something that happened right away, but as my appearance and voice … Continue reading

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“I need him”

“I need him, yes, really I do.” She’s motioned to a door I keep closed.  I narrow my eyes, wanting to believe her but not sure.  I keep that door closed for a reason.  I’ve only opened it once and … Continue reading

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Six Months

The thirteenth of each month, SWW and I add a notch in our relationship belt.  One month, two, three, four months… it’s now been six. This love affair started while I was still sifting through the ashes of heartbreak.  Not … Continue reading

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Date Not Derailed by Bad Shrimp

I started feeling iffy on the way to her house.  Switchy Witchy Woman and I had a date this weekend, and not just a ‘going out for drinks’ kind of date, this was to be my first sleepover in her … Continue reading

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Lots of New Visitors: Hello!

There has been an influx of new readers lately, a lot of you connecting with my blog through the Slate article by Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart that I was quoted in. For the benefit of the new folks, here’s a little … Continue reading

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Why Sex with You is So Good

I’ve told you before how fantastic sex is with you. I’ve seen you blush, heard you stammer, seen your shy but pleased smile. “Why?” you ask. Is it true that you don’t know?  Please, love, let me tell you. Sex … Continue reading

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One More Sleep

My lover is moving to Olympia tomorrow.  She’ll be in a hotel room for two nights and then come to my house to care for our cats while my family and I are on vacation in Florida. One more sleep. … Continue reading

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A snippet of something I started working on today: Sex with you is amazing because it is not only a physical act, but a passionate, spiritual and focused intentional act.  You bring attention and empathy to every moment we are … Continue reading

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