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The Cage

I know very well how much my lover adores cages.  She was kind of shy about it in the beginning, all those months ago, hesitant and worried about being judged.  Over time, she’s let loose her enthusiasm for them, especially … Continue reading

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Roxy’s April Visit: Collaring My girl, the Ceremony

You know how it is, when you anticipate something for long enough, you get a complete scene built in your head about how things will go.  So it was with the collaring ceremony, where roxy accepted my collar and became … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday : The List

Our time is fast approaching, and the anticipation has built to a fever pitch.   Between visits we always come up with dozens of things we haven’t done, or forgot to do, or want to do lots more.  This time, … Continue reading

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taking her as My girl, discovering the Dom within

It’s on our shared calendar, an appointment collaring My girl .. warm glow of the fire, Liberator throw to kneel on.. I’m going to collar you and spoil you rotten..   I’m really excited about collaring My girl next week. … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday : assignments

There’s just one week until Roxy comes to visit.  Seven days and a few short hours.  The “one-week-until” mark is traditionally when she puts me on orgasm restriction.  As the boy to her Sir, I accept that assignment with … … Continue reading

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