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What Does Genderqueer Mean to You?

Do you identify as genderqueer?  What does that word mean to you?  Did you take it on for personal reasons, or is it a political statement against binary gender? I had the pleasure of drinking beers with a couple of … Continue reading

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On Preferred Pronouns, My Answer has Changed

Our custom at Pizza Klatch is to start our lunch time support with check ins.  Checking in involves saying your first name, your preferred gender pronouns and sharing a high and a low from the previous week. When it was … Continue reading

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Verb Hunting for Genderqueers

I’ve gotten some great feedback from people on my post discussing the idea of ‘transition’ — or something verby — to describe the process genderqueers go through to become themselves.  I’ve seen transition for transsexuals described as a process to … Continue reading

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Pondering ‘Transition’ for Non-Binary Gender Identities

I’m working on this idea, a definition of transition that is inclusive of non-binary gender identities.  I want to hear from you, my wonderfully wise readers, what you think. For you, does talk about ‘transition’ automatically call up thoughts about … Continue reading

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Don’t. Don’t look at me that way, as if you know all you need to know about me. Stop. Don’t use that word, or those.  I don’t care what you think or how you were raised.  You’re wrong. I know, … Continue reading

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Butch Voices workshop attendees… shout out to you

I want to thank you for attending and participating.  I always learn so much from the stories people tell and how they relate to the material I’m presenting.  I’d love to hear from you and get direct feedback if you’d … Continue reading

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