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Smart, Vulnerable Posts on my Partner’s Blog

Red has been doing some deep thinking lately about gender and sex. You should check it out: Never Say Never: More Gender Stuff #realtalk #IPEEWHENISQUIRT This latter one is particularly vulnerable… and this is what I think:  If you temporarily … Continue reading

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Another Buddy monologue, a bit from the novel-in-progress: I had become unsure of my place in the world.  Was I a woman who looked like a man and felt like one sometimes?  Was I a man trapped in a woman’s … Continue reading

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More on Roving Pack

As often happens after I hit the ‘publish’ button, today I had some additional thoughts about Roving Pack, the novel by Sassafras Lowrey, that I recently reviewed. In the review, I said that I was inspired and called to write … Continue reading

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to be one of the guys

I briefly saw an advertisement for one of those ultimate fighting matches on TV today.  Just a flash of naked male torsos, heavy muscles and swagger.  I was left with an after taste of envy.  There is a part of … Continue reading

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Climbing out of the Sink Hole of Self-Doubt

I had one of those days yesterday. One of those days when I question myself and my identity.  I fell prey to an old envy, the envy I sometimes feel when I find out a butch or genderqueer friend has … Continue reading

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Having a bad Gender Day

It’s happened to all of us, the haircut that suddenly doesn’t work, or something about the humidity that causes our hair to refuse to do what we want it to.  Bad hair days happen.  And as I found out this … Continue reading

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What if… speculating on alternative birth stories

I went out for beers and barbeque with my buddy, Arron, a couple of days ago and, as usual, we had a great time.  I downloaded some of my experiences from Butch Voices, talked about the Butch Voices vs. Butch … Continue reading

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My Workshop at the Center for Sex Positive Culture

I’m going to be leading my workshop Beyond the Check-Boxes:  Exploring Genderqueer Identity at the Center for Sex Positive Culture next Thursday, 9/1.  The workshop is from 7-9pm, doors open at 6:30 at the Annex.  Cost is $20 at the … Continue reading

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