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Guest Post: Trans Perspective on DSM-V Changes Regarding Gender Dysphoria

I’m not the only queer in my family and I’m not the only trans person either.  This is a piece written by a family member, Jesse, on the recent change to the DSM-V regarding gender dysphoria.  It’s no longer classified … Continue reading

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Some Wonderful Rare Moments of Non-Dysphoria

My status said: whatever the opposite of dysphoria is, I’m feeling it today.. wow! this feels good Later that day, my friend Nick asked “What does that feel like?” We both agreed that we go through life with an underlying … Continue reading

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This body wasn’t made for me

This body wasn’t made for me not made to fit not made to order For this body to fit all of me it would be a rarity a sight to see   I know I’m not alone in suffering from … Continue reading

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