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Sexy Fun with a Friend

A few months ago, I was chatting with my friend Evoë about some pictures she’d taken with another friend and I said, hey, we should do a photo shoot sometime.  I figured either she could use her picture taking prowess on … Continue reading

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During my yoga practice this morning, we were thinking and meditating on how we spend our time and what ‘habits of frequency’ we engaged in as a part of our self-care and as a part of our involvement with those … Continue reading

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End of October Update

Tons going on lately… are you ready? Date Number 2 with Ruby!  We’ve been heating things up over the interwebs and she’s now promising to pounce on me this Saturday.  YES!  We’re going to have dinner and drinks at various … Continue reading

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The Suburban Butch Dad Report: Wedding Day Approaches…

Ackkkk!!!!  Ackk!!!  OMG… !!!! I have become one of THOSE PEOPLE, the people who get more and more stressed out as their wedding day approaches.. I am a Stressed Out Groom!! In two days, two all too short days, I’ll … Continue reading

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Gender Odyssey 2013, Day 2

[I started writing this at the end of Day 2, and only just finished it…] Today was a busy day and I’m tired to the bone, but I want to catch you all up before I get a beer and … Continue reading

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I’ve been feeling a new kind of disconnect or distance internally between myself and the current events that have been so triggering of late.  I’ve been looking at that disconnection to understand it and find out if it’s a good … Continue reading

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Happy (?) Friday

“My head is a bed of nails, comfortable for monsters, but beauty won’t stay” I posted that to one of my Facebook pages today, being so full of uncomfortable, negative thoughts and feelings that I knew I’d burst if I … Continue reading

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A Mother of a Day

The cracks have turned into jagged breaks and I’m ooozing out all over.  All the thoughts, feelings, impulses… messy, messy, messy… that I’ve been holding down for so long, are bursting out in an ugly tangle.  I guess that’s what … Continue reading

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Coming Up For Air

Though I have been going through a lot of hard stuff lately, it’s not all gloom and doom, so let’s lighten it up with some of the good things happening in my life: I’m starting therapy today and although some … Continue reading

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Let’s Have Some Fun… Toss Me Some Prompts

Things have been a bit heavy and serious around here at the Butchtastic World Headquarters, so I got together with my staff (the voices in my head, plus a trusted adviser) and we came up with a fun activity for … Continue reading

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