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The Cage

I know very well how much my lover adores cages.  She was kind of shy about it in the beginning, all those months ago, hesitant and worried about being judged.  Over time, she’s let loose her enthusiasm for them, especially … Continue reading

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Half Nekkid Thursday : Cock Ring

One of the highlights of my Folsom weekend was having my cock pierced by my beloved Sir at the Eclipse party on Sunday night.  Arron (@amok_) was also getting his pierced, and lent me his brotherly support in the critical … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday : mindfuck, subspace, the struggle, the bliss

Roxy took these pictures in April, in my basement.  I realized last night that this was the last time we played hard together, no wonder I’m so keyed up about this coming weekend. They are playing the mindfuck game very … Continue reading

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My adventure in subbing continues

In about 3 weeks, I’m going to get double-Topped at Folsom.  Double-teamed by my beloved, evil-genius Sir (Roxy) while losing my man-to-man submission cherry to Saynine, a physically imposing and no-less evil genius of D/s. I hinted at it in a … Continue reading

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Microfantasy Monday, week 94: Training

The Sweltering Celt gave us this writing prompt for our weekly Microfantasy Monday exercise: It’s cold already here. Today was an outdoor concert and I thought my fingers might freeze off before we managed to finish. Thankfully it was a … Continue reading

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