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I’ve been feeling a new kind of disconnect or distance internally between myself and the current events that have been so triggering of late.  I’ve been looking at that disconnection to understand it and find out if it’s a good … Continue reading

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Happy (?) Friday

“My head is a bed of nails, comfortable for monsters, but beauty won’t stay” I posted that to one of my Facebook pages today, being so full of uncomfortable, negative thoughts and feelings that I knew I’d burst if I … Continue reading

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An Illustrated Guide to Depression

This recent post on Hyperbole and a Half was recommended to me by Neighbor Femme … Depression Part Two.  If you suffer from depression, anxiety or any of the related emotional mental plagues, you might recognize yourself in this.  If … Continue reading

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A Mother of a Day

The cracks have turned into jagged breaks and I’m ooozing out all over.  All the thoughts, feelings, impulses… messy, messy, messy… that I’ve been holding down for so long, are bursting out in an ugly tangle.  I guess that’s what … Continue reading

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Hero, Save Thyself

[ed. note:  apparently, this lesson is a hard one to learn, since I was talking about it back in mid-November, Current ‘scope… rescue myself?] When I call myself a ‘hero’, I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else.  I’m really … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report: Home Remedy

Hello blog friends, I’ve been having quite a roller-coaster couple of weeks.  The actual calendar events aren’t all that impressive, but my moods have been swinging like the 20s.  Yes, it is possible that I am entering that phase that … Continue reading

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