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Trans*date 2014.5.17, Moving to a New Place

As is my habit, I try to translate my insides to the outside world through words.  Analogies play a big part in that translation.  I was having a conversation with a friend, a transguy who is younger than I by … Continue reading

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Coming Out to The World… on the Topic of ‘Junk’ and Medical Transition

I’m working on an FAQ, one that I want to make available to co-workers, friends, family, etc. and I asked folks on Facebook to forward me questions that they thought I should address in my FAQ… I’ve gotten some great … Continue reading

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Coming Out At Work: Hearing My Pronouns in Use

Yesterday, I overheard a co-worker talking to a candidate for one of our proposals.  The co-worker, Bob, was getting some additional information for me.  Bob consistently and without hesitation used he/him/his when referring to me in that conversation. I wanted … Continue reading

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