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Microfantasy Monday, week 16: Waterside

 This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme is ‘the waterside’, thanks, Ang! —  We’re sitting on a park bench just off the boardwalk, tucked into an alcove surrounded by a landscaped berm, the bushes and tall ornamental grasses mostly shielding us from … Continue reading

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Flight Delay

I’d never flown during the Christmas holiday season before and based on my experience that day, I didn’t ever want to do it again. My flight had been delayed for 3 hours already, snow flurries, broken deicers and delayed incoming … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Ophoria Bliss No. 12

I’m gonna preface this review by saying that I’m a “strong vibe” kind of person.  I haven’t found a battery powered vibrator that can really get me off yet, not on its own, so I was very interested in trying … Continue reading

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Halloween fun

                 When Jazzy and I went out on Halloween this year, it was an almost last minute decision.  Friday is our normal date night, so a night of snuggling and hot sex would normally have been on our … Continue reading

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that moment

There is that moment, right before climax, where you abandon yourself.  Together, we make the approach, but now, moments before we reach the destination, you leave me behind.  I recognize this as a profound statement of trust.  You trust me … Continue reading

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