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Dis-Integration… and the Process of Becoming Whole

I can look back on my life now and see that through various relationships and traumatic events, I’ve become a collection of splintered selves, personality shards held together by force of habit and stubbornness, but with less and less connection … Continue reading

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Beyond Bromance

This is a post from Kyle, the male half of the dual-gendered person whose blog you’re reading.  Most posts are presented by Casey, our female half. In the past couple of years, I’ve come out as transgendered, as the subbie … Continue reading

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Roxy often makes observations that throw me for a loop.  She’s incredibly insightful and observant and has a way of putting things into words that is crystallizing.  The other day we were talking about some pictures, specifically, ones I’m considering … Continue reading

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Suburban Butch Dad Report, Father’s Day Edition

I’ve only recently begun to relate to Father’s Day as something that pertains to me.  Last year, my wife was pregnant and I had a very vivid fantasy about being a father, and of having a son.  This year I’m … Continue reading

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Bi-Gendered? Dual-Identity? Genderqueertastic

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post where I explored the terms genderqueer and transgender with respect to my own identity.  I also came out as being poly-gender and having distinct male and female identities within my self. … Continue reading

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Transgender, or not?

I’ve been thinking a lot about who, and what, I am lately, trying to figure out how to explain my complex mix of identities, genders and sexual preferences to people who don’t live inside my head.  It’s hard enough to … Continue reading

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