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Three Years of Butchtastic: 10/6/2008 – 2011

Today marks end of three years of Butchtastic:  blogging and beers, bromance and babes, butches and BDSM…. and a whole lot more.  If you’ve been here for most of that ride, you’ve seen me at the beginning of my poly … Continue reading

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Reader Inspired: Femme Dilemma

Reader Amber offered this as inspiration: Here’s a scenario prompt for you that has absolutely, totally nothing to do at all with my life: Femme sees cute butch across the way. Butch sees Just Another Straight Girl. Femme dilemma ensues. … Continue reading

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Link Love for June 23

Read Sinclair Sexsmith’s Unsolicited Advice to a Young Butch.  Wow.  I commented on that post that it was the kind of thing that makes me want to give up writing, because, what’s the point when Sinclair is gonna do stuff … Continue reading

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Link Love for 5/15/11

I’ve added a couple of new blogs to my big long list of genderqueer, butch and trans blogs. New as of 05/12/2011 fuckyeahbutches: this is a tumblr on the theme of butches, from Jenny Shimizu, to old school butches to … Continue reading

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