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Writing Exercise: Treehouse

I went out on Friday night with a couple of butch friends.  They had never met, and I was happy to introduce them to each other and watch as their conversation took off.   We met over beers and I … Continue reading

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The Butch Nod

The Butch nod.  The chin lift.  A corner-of-the-mouth smile and a lifted eyebrow.  Recognition, acknowledgement of a brotherhood amongst transmasculine gender outlaws.  I invite it, offer it, look for it, but I don’t always get it. This afternoon, Roxy and I … Continue reading

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listening to Butch Voices

I had the opportunity to go to a co-performance by Ivan Coyote and S. Bear Bergman last night and it was well worth the drive up to Seattle. I got into the city early so I could meet Joe Leblanc … Continue reading

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Thinking about Butch Space

Roxy attended Butch Voices this past weekend, and I was very excited for her as well as very, very envious. I crave the company and support and camaraderie of my butch brethren. This desire to hang and swap stories and be social … Continue reading

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