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#NaNoWriMo2014: Confidence in Chunky Boots

Excerpt from my novel in progress, Guys Like Us A couple of mornings later, I pulled on the boots I’d gotten at the thrift store, along with a button down shirt that my brother had left behind and the Carhart … Continue reading

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A little holiday brag

I did very well these holidays, gifts-wise.  In fact, it was quite the butchtastic Christmas for me (and man-rific, fab-boy-lous). My wife gave me two ties:  one silver on silver (will look great with  my new black button down) and … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday: old cock, new cock

I ordered a new packing cock a few weeks ago to replace the packer I’d been using on a daily basis for a little over a year. The original one is a mini Soft Pack from Babeland that I reviewed … Continue reading

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Reviewing Kinklab Men’s Anal Plug Harness with Cockring

The Kinklab Men’s Anal Plug Harness with Cockring from TabuToys is made of good quality leather and shiny hardware.  Not being a cis-male, I was curious how the cock ring would work with my dildos.  This harness also has a … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday: gear bags

There’s only one more sleep between Roxy and I.  Two more workdays, a drive up I5 and a two hour flight.  Then I’ll walk off the airplane and into her arms.  My teeth have already called dibs on that spot … Continue reading

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Gyne-Vestiphobia: Fear of Women’s Clothing

On Monday, I wrote about role reversal in the form of cross-dressing.  And, yes, even though I am bio-female, getting decked out in feminine regalia is cross-dressing for me.  Later that day, Roxy and I talked about cross-dressing, in fact, … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday : stick ’em up

Inspired by Roxy’s HNT and some fun fantasies we’ve cooked up Stick ‘Em Up Fill this bag up with money and come with me, honey I’ll need a hostage to get me out of town and if you want you … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday : getting knotty

 For this week’s HNT, I feature my wrist knotted up in a Single Limb Cuff… or an approximation thereof.  It’s lacking in art, but it quite secure.   I learned this tie by watching the TwistedMonk video a few times.  The other tie I’m … Continue reading

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I received a book on knots recently and have been eager to get into it.  I’ve been fascinated by ropes, knots and binding since attending SEAF and watching Monk stage multiple scenes over the course of the evening.  It was … Continue reading

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Thinking about Butch Space

Roxy attended Butch Voices this past weekend, and I was very excited for her as well as very, very envious. I crave the company and support and camaraderie of my butch brethren. This desire to hang and swap stories and be social … Continue reading

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