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It’s been three years…

Roxy and I are celebrating the third anniversary of the night we met, on twitter, in a delirious flurry of flirting.. there was a group of us flirting, teasing, testing and sparring.  She was new  to my twitter stream, and came to … Continue reading

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Butchtastic’s Third Birthday Contest… and the winner is…. Seth!

Here is the winning entry, chosen from several very good entries: My first and only time being collared i was collared years ago by someone who i thought was worthy of collaring me. Up until She collared me, there was … Continue reading

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Butchtastic’s Happy 3rd Blog Birthday Contest

To honor Butchtastic’s third birthday and also as a hat tip to both my subby and toppy sides, I am offering a leather collar to the winner of this contest. I’ve tried it on at most 3 times, for a … Continue reading

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Three Years of Butchtastic: 10/6/2008 – 2011

Today marks end of three years of Butchtastic:  blogging and beers, bromance and babes, butches and BDSM…. and a whole lot more.  If you’ve been here for most of that ride, you’ve seen me at the beginning of my poly … Continue reading

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The season for anniversaries

From September and into the new year, there is a list of special dates to celebrate: September 7th: my wife and I celebrated our 18th anniversary  October 6th:  Butchtastic is 3 years old October 14th:  4 years of polyamory November … Continue reading

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Has it only been two years?

Roxy and I are closing in on the two year anniversary of when we met on twitter.  The other day, I said something about our ‘three years together’ and she laughed and gently reminded me it’s only been two.  But … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, times two

I’m celebrating an anniversary today.  You’re probably asking “which one?” because as a lesbian, I could have many.  People in other kinds of relationships may also do this, but lesbians seem particularly prone to celebrating every milestone in their relationship.  Met at … Continue reading

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