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Dirty December, Day 9 : Dirty Spoon

At some point in the night, I became the small spoon. As the air cooled around us, we’d worked our way closer and closer, meeting in the middle, back to back.  That’s how we were when I fell asleep on … Continue reading

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Microfantasy Monday, week 94: Training

The Sweltering Celt gave us this writing prompt for our weekly Microfantasy Monday exercise: It’s cold already here. Today was an outdoor concert and I thought my fingers might freeze off before we managed to finish. Thankfully it was a … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Bootie from Babeland

Longtime readers of this blog know how much I love anal sex and butt play.  I’ve reviewed a few butt toys here but I’m always looking for the one that’s ‘just right’.  My last anal toy review was of the … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Little Flirt from Babeland

I’ve been sitting on this review for a while now.. though not with the Little Flirt inserted.  It’s just not as easy to write reviews about products you’re not enthused about.  But it’s long overdue, so here goes. There’s nothing wrong … Continue reading

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Love Bites…

I’ve got a bruise on my breast, a souvenir from Jaz, a reminder of the love bite she gave me not long ago.  It’s fading fast, but each time I see it, I remember not just the bite, but what … Continue reading

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