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Dirty December… Day 2 : Three Stories Up

It was late and I was still at work, trying to get a pesky bit of code to cooperate in time for a demo the next day.  I was beyond tired and my eyes were gummy and my back ached. … Continue reading

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Take It For Daddy

[disclaimer:  this story is about consenting adults and role-play, trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse] Because all novel and no smut makes Kyle a dull, restless boy…. and a frustrated Daddy…   I’m imagining her bent over, … Continue reading

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Such a Good Girl….

[disclaimer:  this story is about consenting adults and role-play, trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse] She’s sitting quietly in the chair, hands folded in her lap, eyes down.  I can tell from where I stand that her … Continue reading

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More on Our First Date… Memories I’m Swooning Over

Caught sight of myself in the mirror this morning and saw the light yellow-green evidence of her love bites.  Touched each of them lightly, then a little harder..  she got me good. We’ve been texting back and forth today, things … Continue reading

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This Weekend in Portland…

This weekend I had a date. An in person kind of date.  An in person, in the wonderfully sexy flesh kind of date. She lives in Portland, her name is Ruby and we had a very nice time. The end. … Continue reading

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She Makes Me Blush

When I was younger, I blushed all the time.  I blushed so much from embarrassment, it was embarrassing.  I’m a redhead, predisposed to blushing an alarming shade of red and during my early school days, even into high school, it … Continue reading

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15 Minute Writing Exercise: Damp

I’m bent over my garden bed, one palm bracing me against the soft, damp earth, while the fingers on my other hand expertly pull small weeds from around my vegetables.  While my hands work, my mind wanders. I imagine her … Continue reading

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A Rare Breed… Butch Erotica Bloggers

Sugarbutch Chronicles… Natt Nightly… Packing Vocals… Butchtastic… When I was getting started as a butch erotic writer and sex blogger, I only knew about Sugarbutch Chronicles, written by the now very well-known, Sinclair Sexsmith.  I was blown away by the … Continue reading

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Livin’ the Butterfly Life

My brain was firing in random directions this morning, as it tends to do while I’m biking to or from work, and I came across an interesting way to think about the cyclic way I approach and experience change in … Continue reading

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Micro Fantasy: Fighting Impulse

I have a beautiful boy.  He’s strong and sexy and enthusiastic in his service.  He is an absolute pulsating mass of eagerness when it’s time to play.  I love that about him, that he is so ready to throw himself … Continue reading

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