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Come take a look

Moments after I posted yesterday, my sweet honey-of-a-girlfriend stepped forward to volunteer her talents in the pursuit of a new look for this blog.  She brought her graphic skills, collection of photos and artistic eye to the project and the … Continue reading

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(re)Thinking about Butchtastic’s future

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things, about how I’m spending my time and energy and what changes I should make in my priorities.  Part of that pondering has been about Butchtastic.  This blog has been up for a … Continue reading

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Please check your spam filters

Over the past month or so, comments I’ve attempted to leave on other blogs have gotten caught in spam filters.   This is not as a result of me being a dirty, rotten spammer.  It’s an unfortunate side effect to … Continue reading

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Butchtastic is Two Years Old… thanks to all of you

Two years ago today, I pushed ‘publish’ for the first time on this blog, and Butchtastic was born.  Two days later I published my first erotic story, Work Boots. Wow.  Two years.  When I started I was pretty starry-eyed about … Continue reading

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Call for butch blogs

I subscribe to some butch blogs in my Google reader and have some on my blogroll here, but I want more.. more butches, more experiences, more stories from the female-born masculine perspective.  So, how about helping me, ay?  Leave a … Continue reading

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Butchtastic Comment Approval Guidelines

In the wake of recent spiteful comments and crap flung from troll monkeys, I feel compelled to communicate the guidelines I follow when determining whether to approve a comment, or not. The first thing you should know is that blogs … Continue reading

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all things in Moderation

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to start moderating all comments from here on out.  I’ve had this blog running for over a year and felt comfortable until recently with letting people comment freely.  Sadly, one rotten apple is spoiling the … Continue reading

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Forever.. it sounds nice, doesn’t it?  It’s the kind of promise we want to make to the ones we love.  It’s the kind of promise we make with shining eyes and optimistic hearts. Forever is a beautiful idea, a wonderful … Continue reading

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I’m Kyle and this is my blog.  I’m still working on style, content and such, but thanks for stopping by. In the coming weeks, I’ll start posting for real.  What am I going to talk about?  Well, I’m a writer … Continue reading

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