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Interview with BD Swain on Reprobait

Retrobait Magazine has an interview with BD Swain that I very much enjoyed reading.  I admire BD’s style and ability to write stories that get me hot and squirming in my seat.  Reading this interview, it struck me how similar … Continue reading

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#NaNoWriMo2014, Day 13 Excerpt: Blades

[Excerpt from my novel in progress, Guys Like Us] I used to whittle a lot when I was a kid.  I wasn’t very artistic about it, so the result was usually a piece of wood with a sharp point and … Continue reading

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#NaNoWriMo2014, Day 5: It Was The Underwear?

This is an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo2014 work, adding to my novel in progress, Guys Like Us, starring Buddy Grayson.  Day 5’s writing centered on Buddy’s thoughts and memories of masculine identification throughout his life: . Though I didn’t feel … Continue reading

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I watch him walk past for the umpteenth time, my eyes sliding along the top edge of the book I pretend to be reading.  The jeans he’s wearing frame the tight domes of his bubble butt perfectly and I find … Continue reading

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Another Snippet from the Novel: Hick

“That whole ‘hick’ thing you got goin’ on is pretty cute. Works pretty well for ya, dunnit?” She’s sitting across from me, one dainty ankle crossing another, both tucked under her chair. She’s sipping something out of a chimney glass, … Continue reading

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Micro Fantasy: Fighting Impulse

I have a beautiful boy.  He’s strong and sexy and enthusiastic in his service.  He is an absolute pulsating mass of eagerness when it’s time to play.  I love that about him, that he is so ready to throw himself … Continue reading

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Micro Fantasy: What’s the Femme Cooking Up Now?

The Femme picks up her big wooden spoon and stirs the bubbling, steaming contents of her soup kettle.  Taking an experimental sniff, she knows the base of her special stew is ready.  Now for the interesting ingredients, the magical stuff … Continue reading

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Microfantasy: Waiting Our Turn

I’m lying in bed, alone, unable to sleep.  Hand between my legs, images and scenes flit through my mind.  I wait for something to settle in my minds eye, something I can work with.   My boy sits at my … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise: Treehouse

I went out on Friday night with a couple of butch friends.  They had never met, and I was happy to introduce them to each other and watch as their conversation took off.   We met over beers and I … Continue reading

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