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Smart, Vulnerable Posts on my Partner’s Blog

Red has been doing some deep thinking lately about gender and sex. You should check it out: Never Say Never: More Gender Stuff #realtalk #IPEEWHENISQUIRT This latter one is particularly vulnerable… and this is what I think:  If you temporarily … Continue reading

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Briefly About this Weekend

This weekend was amazing and I want to come back and tell you more about it and write stories and everything… Switchy Witchy Woman hosted a dinner party on Saturday night, inviting myself as co-host and two guests, NeighborFemme and … Continue reading

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Got Some Needs? Give Miss Bee a Call

Have you ever solicited the services of a phone sex operator?  Ever wanted to?  Here’s your chance… it’s not cheap, but then, the good things never are.  Meet Miss Bee aka Neighbor Femme: Well hello there Butchtastic readers! I’m Miss … Continue reading

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I Feel Powerful

I feel powerful Strong Sexy Wild Raw Mmmm and I am purring at your powerful sexy wildness Feral Grrrrrrrrr. Aahhrrooooo!! I feel you. Your scent on the wind The moon, cool air Hunting Yessss Natural urges lead me to you … Continue reading

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Sexy Fun with a Friend

A few months ago, I was chatting with my friend Evoë about some pictures she’d taken with another friend and I said, hey, we should do a photo shoot sometime.  I figured either she could use her picture taking prowess on … Continue reading

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Oh The Hornies…

I’m stuck at home being parental but what I really want to do is hook up with the hot cis-guy who’s been flirting with me and sending me dirty pictures.  And enjoying the pictures I’ve sent him. Damn, sometimes being … Continue reading

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This Weekend in Portland…

This weekend I had a date. An in person kind of date.  An in person, in the wonderfully sexy flesh kind of date. She lives in Portland, her name is Ruby and we had a very nice time. The end. … Continue reading

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She Makes Me Blush

When I was younger, I blushed all the time.  I blushed so much from embarrassment, it was embarrassing.  I’m a redhead, predisposed to blushing an alarming shade of red and during my early school days, even into high school, it … Continue reading

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