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Cracking Open

From my post to social media: June 17, 2016 Sometimes I think I’ll just crack wide open from the weight of it all. All of it. The well of pain and grief that swallowed me whole this weekend. It’s heavy … Continue reading

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Briefly About this Weekend

This weekend was amazing and I want to come back and tell you more about it and write stories and everything… Switchy Witchy Woman hosted a dinner party on Saturday night, inviting myself as co-host and two guests, NeighborFemme and … Continue reading

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Stories from the Queer Side…

From offbeatfamilies, a story about a Lesbian Dad… Since our son Leo was born, my partner JB has chosen to go by “Dad” rather than some variation of mother. I won’t go into too much detail about her gender identity … Continue reading

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This Weekend in Portland…

This weekend I had a date. An in person kind of date.  An in person, in the wonderfully sexy flesh kind of date. She lives in Portland, her name is Ruby and we had a very nice time. The end. … Continue reading

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Coming Up For Air

Though I have been going through a lot of hard stuff lately, it’s not all gloom and doom, so let’s lighten it up with some of the good things happening in my life: I’m starting therapy today and although some … Continue reading

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Another Buddy monologue, a bit from the novel-in-progress: I had become unsure of my place in the world.  Was I a woman who looked like a man and felt like one sometimes?  Was I a man trapped in a woman’s … Continue reading

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What’s Kyle Doing?

What am I up to, you ask?  There’s always plenty going on, here are a few of the items that are getting my attention and time lately: Writing up session proposals for Gender Odyssey.  One is called Wanted: Your Stories, … Continue reading

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NCOD: Happy Queer and Proud Day

It is October 11th, National Coming Out Day for gender and sexual preference non-conforming people.  A lot of people use this day make public coming out statements or to speak to people privately about their sexual preference and/or gender identity. … Continue reading

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