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Last Night at Crowbar: A Painful and Necessary Bout of Therapy

As I rolled over to catch a few more moments of sleep this morning, my body greeted me with a chorus of pain.  After hearing from the unnumbered welts, scratches and bruises liberally distributed across my body, memories of the … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss This: Mollena and Lee in Seattle

Mollena Williams, yes THE Mollena, and Lee Harrington are going to be at the SCSPC on Thursday night from 6-9pm, signing their amazingly good book, Playing Well with Others as well as leading a workshop… for only $25 bucks and … Continue reading

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Catharsis, or Being Reduced to a Puddle of Tears During a Scene

ca·thar·sis/kəˈTHärsis/ Noun:  1. the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. Neighbor Femme and I had our first public play scene last weekend, at the Crowbar play party in Seattle.  We’d been talking and negotiating … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Busy with the New Year

Alrighty then.  After all this pondering energy and blockages and what I can do about it, it’s time to get pragmatic.  What am I gonna do, and how do I propose to do it? Before removing blockages, I must identify … Continue reading

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Leaving, on a jet plane

This Thursday, I’ll be flying out of Seatac on my way to SFO to spend time with the sorcerific and sexy Roxy.  We’ve both been hellishly busy, but we’ve taken a little time to make plans and speculate on what … Continue reading

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Hello, I’m Kyle…

… and I’m here to be used. I was at the Blood, Sweat and Queers party, sneaking text messages to her, letting her know the situation, how I was doing, trying to overcome my nerves.  I told her I was … Continue reading

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doing something scary tonight

I’m usually a very organized person, planning things out, considering risks, contingencies, being careful even when I’m doing things that would be outside the norms for other people.  Occasionally, however, I can be a bit impulsive.  It’s as though something … Continue reading

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Link Love for July

Here are some websites, programs and organizations that have caught my eye in the past several weeks and I want to share them with you: First up, a place I hope to get to know very well, the Center for … Continue reading

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Half Nekkid Thursday : Cock Ring

One of the highlights of my Folsom weekend was having my cock pierced by my beloved Sir at the Eclipse party on Sunday night.  Arron (@amok_) was also getting his pierced, and lent me his brotherly support in the critical … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday : mindfuck, subspace, the struggle, the bliss

Roxy took these pictures in April, in my basement.  I realized last night that this was the last time we played hard together, no wonder I’m so keyed up about this coming weekend. They are playing the mindfuck game very … Continue reading

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