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Fucking Awesome

You know who’s fucking awesome?  Red is. Red is a muse extraordinaire. Red is sexy as fuck. Red is solid and strong and Rawwrrrr! Red is a wicked sadist with a dollar store bag of nasty tricks. Red is a … Continue reading

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I Feel Powerful

I feel powerful Strong Sexy Wild Raw Mmmm and I am purring at your powerful sexy wildness Feral Grrrrrrrrr. Aahhrrooooo!! I feel you. Your scent on the wind The moon, cool air Hunting Yessss Natural urges lead me to you … Continue reading

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Like a Clear Blue Sky

About a month ago, one of my poems was published in the Elephant Journal… I want my love to be like a clear blue sky with perfect conditions for flying I want my life to be an excellent launch pad … Continue reading

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growl in my ear bite my face rut on me your great need I want it spend it on me growl ancient dance primal animal dirt and bones grit and heat searing breath gnashing teeth growl give me your ancient … Continue reading

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I Need You

I need you like water fresh clean filling me washing over me hold me up and cleanse me baptize me in your love . I need you like air clear fresh filling my lungs caressing my skin cool me down … Continue reading

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How I Make Love

I make love to her with my hands my lips, my tongue, my thighs my teeth and my cock I make love to her when I kiss her softly or more urgently I make love to her when I hold … Continue reading

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Two Poems, Unfinished

untitled, unfinished sometimes it hits me just like that like breath caught in my throat like one last step I don’t see so it catches me by surprise brings me to my knees those hours, those moments each of them … Continue reading

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sex with her is luscious like plush velvet and heavy cream intoxicating and heady rich and sweet bubbling up from my belly into giggles and long satisfied sighs   sex with her is curves on curves her thighs wrapped around … Continue reading

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Poem for a Lonely Night

I was lonely a thunderstorm stopped by to keep me company throwing jagged light and angry words when I could not voice them cold rain falling through warm air shadows all around but no one to throw them

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in a dream

In a dream You and I Walking along the surf line Smiling You reached out your hand I reached for you Fingertips The tide carried you away

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