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The graphic is so right… What Typealizer says about Butchtastic

INFP – The Idealists This is what says about Butchtastic: The author of is of the type INFP. The meaning-seeking and unconventional type. They are especially attuned to making sure their beliefs and actions are congruent. [ed. note: or make … Continue reading

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Honestly? Crap….

Girlfriend Amber (Divergent Dance) has taken it upon herself to tag me again on the Honest Scrap meme.  Since I already did it once by the rules, I’ll do it once without. So here it is.. more honest crap from … Continue reading

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Honest Scrap

Tag, I’m it!  The lovely Roxy at Uncommon Curiosity has named me, along with 9 others, Honest Scrap (I’m really relieved it wasn’t Honest Crap). There are three rules for this award: First, link back to the person who gave you … Continue reading

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Microfantasy Monday, week 36 : espionage

Ang at Sweltering Celt has given us the theme for our Microfantasy Monday posts this week — Espionage. —— Consciousness came back to me like an unwanted visitor.  I ached all over and I remembered, with an internal shudder, my … Continue reading

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Tag, I’m it : Sexy Blogger Award

  Amber, at Divergent Dance, just clued me in to the Sexy Blogger Award she deemed me sexy enough to receive.  Thank you, beautiful.  But I don’t get to just rest on my laurels, sexy as they may be, I … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday: lick

mmmm … the taste of coffee.. keeps Kyle from becoming a grumpy-grump.  Sipped from the NASA coffee mug I got on a trip to the Kennedy Space Center near Cocoa Beach FL, geeky caffeination at its best. To see all … Continue reading

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Cry Baby.. (the music shuffle meme)

I pulled this from Natt Nightly, who pinched it from Leo McCool.. ————————– 1. Put Your iTunes on Shuffle. (or iPod.. or whatever) 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. You must write down … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday : perched

I picked this habit up from my dad, he was always walking around with a pencil on his ear, sometimes one on each ear.  The funniest thing was when he’d be looking around for a pencil, and we’d laugh at … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree HNT

Who is that peaking through the tree? Is Santa? Is it an Elf? No.. It’s Kyle the Christmas Pervert. Happy Holidays, Ya’ll!! To see all the other HNT posts for the day, go to Views from the Back Row, from … Continue reading

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Microfantasy Monday week 6: boots

 This week’s theme from the Sweltering Celt is another simple one: “Boots” ……. My boots lie on the floor, in a heap with your heels.  They seem tangled in some kind of afterglow of footwear sex.. propped against each other, toes … Continue reading

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