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“Plus, He’s Hung…”

Earlier on Facebook: Kyle Jones: a mere 150 words for a session description/marketing pitch/come on …. trying to squish my passion and excitement into a very small space Roxy: “An hour with this hot hunk o’ sexy. Don’t miss it.” … Continue reading

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She looked at the neatly folded red hankie my back pocket and said,”You flagging, butch?” I chuckled and winked, then put on my innocent face, “I have allergies, you know.” “Do you always bottom to your allergies?” “Sadly, yes, especially … Continue reading

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tampons for … men?

Roxy asked me this question today: “Kyle, when you use a tampon, do you consider it a feminine product, or a masculine one?” Well, first of all, we had to roust Kyle from his position on the couch, watching porn … Continue reading

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A brief history of Men’s underwear

Here’s just something for fun, if you consider humorous reporting on men’s underwear to be fun, which I do: Perfect Packages: A Brief History of Men’s Underwear from CarnalNation Bonus: narrated by a cute little guy with a British accent… … Continue reading

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Damsel in Distress: By the Book

A beautiful Damsel sits in a sunlit room, enjoying the morning. She is troubled though, because a monster looms on the horizon, it’s coming toward her, huge and scary with its huge lumbering feet, gnashing teeth and razor sharp claws. … Continue reading

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Half-Nekkid Thursday: Genderfuck. Fuck gender! Fuck, gender.

Wearing dresses or skirts counts as drag for me, but after having a playful conversation on twitter with Erin Leone, I came up with this idea: April Fool, for sure. So, does the skirt add or detract?  Would you suck … Continue reading

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Shocking News from roxy: what she caught from Kyle

Dateline: Bay Area February 17, 2009 “I can’t believe this! He passed it on to me, without even saying there was a risk!” The beguiling and uncommonly curious roxy, who has been in the news lately as Kyle Jones’ latest … Continue reading

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because we need some funny

or maybe it’s just me… wanting to share some funny

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